September 23, 2014
Presenter: Kenneth Himes, O.F.M.

From the first century through today, the Christian community has wrestled with the realities of the poor among us. Be it material or spiritual, voluntary or involuntary, relative or absolute poverty, many have argued that to be human is to be poor. This lecture explores how compassion for the poor reflects an acceptance of our own humanity and that of others, and is ultimately a key element of our journey to know Christ.

Cosponsored by The Church in the 21st Century Center, the School of Theology and Ministry, and the Boston College Theology Department

Kenneth Himes, O.F.M., is associate professor of theology in the Boston College Theology Department.  A Franciscan priest and moral theologian, he is the author of Christianity and the Political Order: Conflict, Cooptation, and Cooperation (Orbis Books, 2013), and Responses to 101 Questions on Catholic Social Teaching (Paulist Press, 2013).