April 3, 2013

Presenters: Paul Farmer, in conversation with Roberto Goizueta

Paul Farmer is known for his humanitarian work providing "first world" health care for "third world" people. Cofounder of the world health organization "Partners In Health," he is described as "the man who would cure the world" in the award winning book Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracey Kidder.  Liberation theology has had a profound influence on Paul Farmer's humanitarian career and his commitment to health and human rights.  Dr. Farmer is currently developing an "accompaniment model" in international aid delivery and is writing a book on accompaniment inspired by a preferential option for the poor.  In his many writings, Roberto Goizueta has developed a theology of accompaniment that identifies companionship as central to a preferential option for the poor and a life of Christian discipleship.  At this event, Paul Farmer and Roberto Goizueta discussed Farmer's vision for healthcare in resource-poor areas of the world and how the principles of liberation theology and Catholic social teaching shed light on the reality of social inequality.

Cosponsored by The Church in the 21st Century Center, the School of Theology and Ministry, Boston College Theology Department, and the Center for Human Rights and International Justice

Paul Farmer is the Kolokotrones University Professor, Harvard University, Chair, Department of Global Health and Social Medicine, Harvard Medical School, and founding director of Partners in Health.

Roberto Goizueta is the Margaret O'Brien Flatley Professor of Catholic Theology, Boston College Theology