The Mary E. Walsh Center for Thriving Children advances science, implementation, and innovation to promote healthy child and youth development, learning, and thriving.

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The Center advances its mission through four core strategies

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City Connects

All children deserve a chance to learn, but many face obstacles too steep for them to climb alone. City Connects builds a network of support for students, their families, and the schools that serve them, improving outcomes now—and for years to come.

Resources for professionals


Through City Connects, the S3 Academy, custom consultations, and our action guides and practice briefs, the Center helps schools, districts, and early childhood programs improve their approach to student support/family engagement.


Our research aims to improve understanding of effective approaches to student support by leveraging scientific advances and cutting edge methodologies capable of analyzing the impact of complex, comprehensive interventions.


The Mary E. Walsh Center for Thriving Children develops policy briefs, toolkits, and impact summaries for legislative leaders throughout the country who are advancing integrated student support policy and practice.

Our Most Recent Publications and Reports

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July 08, 2024
City Connects
July 04, 2024
Alyssa Haywoode
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