City Connects is being implemented in 200 public, private, and charter schools in Massachusetts, Ohio, Minnesota, and Indiana. City Connects is building capacity to scale the model with local partners in Indiana and in Ireland.

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Where Is City Connects?

Beverly, Massachusetts
Established: 2022

Bloomington, Indiana

Established: 2022

Boston, Massachusetts

Established: 2000

What Our Coordinators Say

Emma Furlong

“Supporting students holistically is an important part of being a City Connects Coordinator. Coordinators play a vital role in ensuring academic, social, emotional, behavioral, medical, and familial wellbeing for every student.”

Nicole Derke, Coordinator at Saint Helena Catholic School in Minnesota
Emma Furlong

“As someone committed to catalyzing change, I harness data from all four domains to expertly implement City Connects, ultimately revolutionizing the lives of students through a holistic approach."

Martin McCary, Coordinator at 21st Century Charter School in Indiana

Dayton, Ohio

Established: 2008

Dublin, Ireland

Established: 2020


Long Jump - Ireland

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Established: 2022

Gary, Indiana

Established: 2022

Indianapolis, Indiana
Established: 2018

Lafayette, Indiana

Established: 2022


Minneapolis, Minn.
Established: 2015

 Muncie, Indiana

Established: 2022

Working With the Community

City Connects helped bring programs around the school's community together to work on achieving a common goal. It led every program to better understand each other and understand students' specific needs.
Boston Community Partner

Salem, Massachusetts
Established: 2017

Shakamak, Indiana

Established: 2022

Southbridge, Massachusetts

Established: 2021

South Bend, Indiana

Established: 2022

Springfield, Massachusetts
Established: 2011

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Meet our Team

City Connects resides in the Mary E. Walsh Center for Thriving Children. Meet all our City Connects staff here.

For School Adminstrators

Want to know more about bringing City Connects into your school or district? Learn more about our approach here.

Our Impact

How does City Connects help students succeed? Explore our results page to learn the many ways we influence positive outcomes for families and students.