MyConnects is an online student support information system designed to support the City Connects practice. It offers Coordinators a way to manage individualized plans to provide every student with the right services at the right time. MyConnects enables Coordinators to collect and access information about community resources and also generate reports to share with school teachers, administrators, and staff.

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MyConnects includes:

  • Individualized Student Plans: Captures strengths and needs of each student across developmental domains
  • Individual Student Reviews: Captures goals and action steps for students experiencing intensive needs
  • Custom Reports: utilizes real-time data to produce user-friendly reports that inform practice and student support interventions
  • Community Provider Database: Maintains information on school and community-based partners, tracks student referrals, and measures follow-up
  • Data Safety and Security: Keeps student information secure, in partnership with Boston College using AWS, a secure cloud-based server
  • Coordinators as the Hub for Student Support: Enables Coordinators to communicate with school administrators, school and community partners, families