Session Types and Tracks

Session Types

All sessions will be 90 minutes in length.

Plenary Addresses

Plenary addresses are interdisciplinary touchpoints in our conference. They provide an opportunity for the whole conference community to join together in shared learning. To facilitate this, there are no other concurrent sessions taking place during the plenaries. 

Invited Addresses

Invited addresses take place in each of the session-blocks throughout the conference. These invited addresses bring a scholar and/or practitioner into contact on key themes related to human suffering, identity, and potential.



Symposia are intended to be pre-organized combinations of papers on a shared area of scholarship and/or practice. These consist of 3-6 presenters. Only one abstract is needed that describes the theme and approach.


Paper Panels

Paper panels consist of three presenters whose work was independently submitted and were then organized into a panel based on content, themes, and/or thinkers. Each presentation is 20 minutes long, leaving ample time for discussion between panelists and with the audience.

Conference Tracks

The different tracks in our Psychology & the Other conference offers rich, yet focused, spaces to hone your learning. Our hope is that all submissions aim to enrich ethical discourse and languages for human suffering, identity and potential. 

Track Descriptions:

Specialty Tracks: