Registration, CEs, & FAQs


This year's conference will be hybrid. The cost of registration is the same for in-person or virtual attendance, with the exception of Professionals & Faculty ($375 for in person attendance, $275 for online only).

You will be asked during registration whether you are planning to attend some (or all) sessions in person, or whether you will be attending online only. 

Note: We will issue a full refund (minus $25 processing fee), if requested before August 30 and a 50% refund (minus $25 processing fee) if requested before September 15. There are no refunds after September 15. To request a refund, email


Professionals & Faculty

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Professionals & Faculty 

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Mari Ruti Memorial Luncheon

Friends, students, and colleagues are invited to an in-person and virtual memorial to celebrate the life and work of Mari Ruti. Mari passed away on June 8, 2023 after a long battle with cancer. The memorial will be held on Sunday October 8, from 12:30-2pm, in conjunction with the Psychology and the Other Conference at Boston College. Light refreshments and lunch will be served. Please see registration details below. We look forward to seeing you. 

Continuing Education Information

Note: Continuing Education credits are only granted to those who attend the live events. On-demand videos are not eligible for CEs.

​A maximum of 23.5 Continuing Education credits (CEs) for Psychologists, Social Workers, and Licensed Mental Health Counselors (LMHC) are available over the 3 days of the conference, spread across the 16 eligible sessions flagged on the schedule. Each plenary and invited address during the conference is eligible for 1.5 CEs, and keynote addresses are eligible for 1.0-1.5 CEs. It is the participant’s responsibility to make sure that the program in which they are participating is CE eligible, which is clearly marked on the conference program. 

It is the responsibility of each conference participant to comply with the instructions and be present for the totality of the session (synchronously) to be eligible to receive CEs. Additionally, for each CE eligible program, the participant must complete the evaluation provided at the end of the program. 

Each participant will receive a signed CE certificate via email in the weeks following the conference. There is no additional cost for CEs beyond the conference registration. 

Lodging Information

​We have a room block in the AC Marriott Hotel which is within walking distance from Boston College's campus (~25 minutes). Please make your reservations using the following link to take advantage of the significantly discounted rate. Rooms are limited.


When and where will the conference be? 

The conference will be at Boston College in Chestnut Hill, MA. It will take place from October 6-8, 2023 (with an optional day October 5, 2023, for pre-conference workshops). 

The suggested lodging is AC Marriott at Cleveland Circle, a short distance away from campus, located by the Chestnut Hill Reservoir.

Who is presenting? Where can I find the full schedule?

We have presentations from a wide range of clinicians, psychologists, philosophers, theologians, historians, poets, anthropologists, and cultural theorists addressing questions of human suffering, meaning, and potential.

You can find our updated schedule here, with both the full schedule and the CE-approved sessions.

Are the sessions in-person or virtual? 

All sessions will take place in person (as well as recorded and/or live-streamed for our online audience). Due to technology and staffing constraints, we will not have virtual presenters.

Additionally, the main stage events will be live streamed - and other paper panels will be available to view online.

What sessions will be streamed? 

During the conference (October 6-8, 2023): Keynote-plenary-invited sessions on the main stage will be live-streamed and eligible for CEs. (Other paper panels and symposiums will be recorded and uploaded at a later date).

Post-Conference: All other sessions will be made available 1-month following the conference. All recordings are available to be watched through the end of 2023.

Which sessions will have CE's? Which licenses are supported? 

You can find all the CE available sessions in our separate PDF here. Scroll up to see the “Continuing Education Information”.

What are tracks? Do I have to register for them separately? 

Our conference is designed to give a variety of session types and discipline-focused areas so you can participate in ways that are best for your learning. Each of the conference tracks allows for a specialized grouping of sessions to dive deeply into topics, thinkers, and the like. 

No, you do not need to register for tracks separately. You are welcome to join any and all of them. Learn more about the conference tracks here.

What platform will the conference use?

We will be utilizing the WebEx platform. Upon registration, we will integrate your registration into our platform. (More information on this coming soon).

(Paper/Symposium Presenters) What do we need to know, and what do I need to know about WebEx?

Thank you each for your responsiveness via our email communications! Each of y’all will find the details for the presentations (i.e. length, timing, schedule) in those emails.

As a reminder, all of our presentations will be in-person at Boston College. We will be streaming the main-stage events, and recording all the other sessions for our online participants.

Other than updating your profile on WebEx once the platform is live, you will not need to worry about WebEx during the in-person sessions. We will have room-parents assisting in every presentation room!

(Poster Presenters) What do we need to know, and what are the poster dimensions? 

Upon check-in at the registration table (to get your badge and so forth), please communicate to the registration staff that you are a poster presenter. The registration table staff will take your poster at that time and you will be all set (it will be on display for the Poster Exhibition).

Posters will be placed on an easel, which means that it needs to have a firm poster board behind it. If you have your poster mounted on a firm board, you are all set. If you bring a laminated or paper poster, we will post it on a poster board for you with pins. We plan to have sufficient poster boards for all, so this is not a concern.  Please also remember to take your posters home. Posters that are left after Saturday cannot be held.

Just as a reminder, as you create your poster, please keep the following guidelines in mind:  1) The poster needs to be no larger than 5 ft wide by 40 inches (8 inches short of 4 ft) tall.  2) As you are creating your poster, you have full liberty to develop a way of presenting your scholarship that is congruent with your style rather than feeling the pressure to align with conventional poster designs.  3)  It is often quite useful to have a copy of a written manuscript for interested people and/or a pad of paper to take peoples' e-mail addresses that would like you to e-mail them a copy of a more developed manuscript.  

Do you offer refunds? 

We will issue a full refund (minus a $25 processing fee), if requested before August 30, and a 50% refund (minus a $25 processing fee), if requested before September 15. There will be no refunds after September 15. To request a refund, do email

Who do I contact for additional questions?

For all other questions, please email We are excited to have you each join the dialogue!