Salome Miclette

Assistant Director, Career Education

Salome oversees the communication, arts and marketing career cluster and provides individual and group career coaching to students in this cluster. She also plans career development related programming to help students explore careers and prepare for internship and job searches. Before coming to BC, Salome worked in Student Life at the University of California, San Diego. She has also worked as a Career Coach at Bryant University. Salome received her Bachelor of Science in Communication from Eastern Connecticut State University and her Master of Science in College Student Personnel from the University of Rhode Island. Outside of work Salome enjoys cooking, reading, and being active.

Fun Fact:
Salome is a vegetarian and enjoys trying out new plant based recipes to share with her family and friends.

Coaching Style:
I know that making career decisions can be difficult and that many factors and experiences go into those decisions. I enjoy getting to know students so that I can coach them holistically while focusing on their strengths and next steps in their career development. 

Focus Area:
Communication, Arts, and Media