Our work is rooted in the Catholic tradition of our University, specifically in the Catholic Social Teaching Principles, and reflects our commitment to addressing institutional racism and inequities for AHANA and low income students.

Nursing Outreach Program

Accentuate Your Nursing Experience Through Community

The Nursing Outreach Program was started by Ms. Joana Maynard, senior associate director of the Office of BAIC, in 2010 to support nursing students academically and socially by fostering mentorship.

This program creates a space for AHANA/Multicultural/OTE (AMO) CSON students to gather for peer support and interactions with BC-AMO nursing professionals at least twice per semester.

Study Abroad Summer Tuition Remission

This program aids in the retention of students by providing the opportunity to study abroad. 

Contact bowmancenter@bc.edu with any questions.

Summer Tuition Remission On-Campus

The purpose of the Thea Bowman AHANA and Intercultural Center (BAIC) On -Campus Summer Tuition Remission Program is to aid in the retention of students by providing resources to afford those experiencing academic difficulty the opportunity to improve their status at Boston College. Any student with such difficulties and (who wish) to take summer courses should first seek assistance from their college counselor at the Thea Bowman AHANA and Intercultural Center. If after utilizing available support services, the student finds that they still need to take summer courses, they should apply to the BAIC Summer Tuition Remission Program. Students interested in taking courses for academic enrichment may also apply, but need to explain their reason for taking the requested course during the summer.

Summer Tuition Remission is one of our most popular services. Our office receives over 150 applications and we are not always able to help those who are truly in need due to limited funding. Please take this information into consideration when you apply, and if and when you receive your award. Summer Tuition Remission funds are NOT guaranteed. Please follow all instructions in this application material.  

Learning Outcomes

As a result of  participating in the Summer Tuition Remission Program students will be able to:Reduce the number of deficienciesAdvance in their academic requirementsTake a course abroad

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