BC bOp!, the instrumental and vocal jazz ensemble of BC, performs great jazz in a big band setting on campus, throughout New England, and across the country.

The ensemble is dedicated to achieving the highest levels of jazz performance. Over the years, BC bOp! has enjoyed competitive success at national jazz festivals. Membership is by audition.

Demanding and rewarding, BC bOp!'s musicians have displayed their musical chops in some of the world's hottest places—such as resorts in Cancun, the Bahamas, and Jamaica—and in some of the coolest—like New York City's Carnegie Hall; Downbeat magazine's Jazzfest in Orlando, FL; the Reno Jazz Festival in Nevada; and the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival in Idaho.

Closer to home, BC bOp! performs throughout the year everywhere around BC, at cafés, dining halls, outdoor plazas, and Robsham Theater, which always sells out. The instrumental and vocal ensemble performs traditional and contemporary jazz, latin, and pop literature. Its repertoire of over 50 selections includes music from the 1940s to the present and is designed to satisfy a variety of musical tastes.

Membership in BC bOp! is determined by competitive auditions held at the very beginning of the academic year, in September. Auditions are held for instrumentalists, including trumpeters, saxophonists, trombonists, rhythm section members, and vocalists. 


Seb Bonaiuto

Director of Bands

For more information, call 617-552-3018 or email bands@bc.edu.

Nate Victor of BC bOp! performs at the Robsham Theater.