The Thea Bowman AHANA and Intercultural Center develops, implements, and coordinates programs designed to support undergraduate AHANA students.

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BC Bands

Student musicians can contribute their talents to a variety of ensembles run by Boston College Bands, including the 'Screaming Eagles' Marching Band.

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Business Service Center

The Student Affairs Business Service Center processes financial transactions for all Student Organizations as well as the Student Affairs departments.

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Career Center

The Career Center helps students prepare for successful futures by connecting them with career coaching, internships, and job search techniques.

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Counseling Services

University Counseling Services works with students, faculty, and administrators to address the mental health needs of the community.

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Graduate Student Life

The Office of Graduate Student Life provides outreach to graduate students at BC through a variety of programs, services, and advocacy efforts.

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Health Promotion

The Office of Health Promotion directs programs and services that foster the health and well-being of the Boston College community.

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Health Services

University Health Services provides confidential medical care and educational programs to safeguard students' physical and mental health.

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Residential Life

The Office of Residential Life includes a robust staff of professionals who support student development in the residence halls and in all aspects of community life.

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Robsham Theater

The Robsham Theater Arts Center houses a variety of performing arts spaces used for dance, student-directed productions, theatre classes, and exhibits.

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Student Conduct

The Office of Student Conduct facilitates the growth of all students by educating and fostering the civility, communality, and social decorum required of an educational institution.

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Student Involvement

The Office of Student Involvement provides co-curricular opportunities for students that foster leadership development, self-exploration, social interaction, and student formation.

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Student Outreach and Support

The Office of Student Outreach and Support assists all students in achieving their goals, with specific resources for students with disabilities and LGBTQ students.

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Women's Center

The Women's Center offers a comfortable atmosphere to seek information, find peer support, participate in programming, and meet new friends.

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The Division of Student Affairs developes collaborative programs and initiatives that support and promote student learning, health and wellness, leadership development, and community engagement. Some of these include:

Assessment efforts in the Division of Student Affairs focus primarily on student learning. In addition to ensuring that we are meeting the needs of students, our efforts are driven by our curiosity to know in what ways our programs and services help students to learn more about themselves and others, apply that learning, and integrate it into their lives. Assessment allows us to live into our Jesuit ideal of the magis, which orientates us to continually strive to be more.

These web pages were created to help all members of the division – from assessment beginners to those with advanced training and experience – gain the necessary skills to conduct assessment and use the results to tell the story of their work. Below, you'll find resources to get started on assessment, including templates, a user-friendly assessment cycle, workshop materials, and a link to Campus Labs, our assessment vendor. The division also has an assessment working group which consults with departments on assessment activities.

For more information, please contact Carrie Klemovitch ( or Melinda Stoops ( 

Eagle Path is a Student Affairs division-wide initiative helps undergraduate work-study students articulate their career aspirations. We recognize eight essential professional competencies expected of new college graduates. As we work with students discerning their paths, we help them reflect upon, recognize, develop, and articulate how these competencies connect to their individual career interests and goals.

Program Goals


Guide student employees through the process of discerning their interests, skills, and values and how those relate to potential careers.

Identify opportunities to help students reflect, recognize, develop, and articulate the competencies they are gaining.

Help students identify which competencies they are developing and create a plan to further develop the competencies that are highly valued by employers.

Career competencies: the skills employers seek most

Cross Currents Seminars is a collaboration between Student Affairs and Academic Affairs and are one-credit courses that provide upper-level undergraduate students with an opportunity to explore a topic being presented in one of their courses with greater depth. Cross Current Seminars not only facilitate an in-depth exploration of a given topic, but assist students in making connections between academic material and their personal experiences, values, and actions.

Course    Instructors    Academic Year 19/20   
Thinking About Race  Karl Bell and Chasneika Astacio  Fall and Spring
Thinking About Successful Teams  Adrienne Chiozzi and Andrew Lutz Fall and Spring
Thinking About Law and Economics John Kenneth Felter Fall
Thinking About Inequality Burt Howell Fall
Thinking About Intercultural Competency Keisha Valdez and Matthew Goode Fall
Thinking About Mindfulness and Meditation Sarah Castricum and Christine Kamp Cichello Fall
Thinking About Health and Wellness Elise Phillips and Makayla Davis Spring
Thinking About Intercultural Competency Adrienne Nussbaum and Sarah Castricum Spring
Thinking About Ignatian Spirituality Jessie Graf and Brian Regan Spring

Student Affairs staff participate and collaborate in a variety of committees to foster the development of student programs and to create opportunities for further professional development in higher education administration.