Just like our programs and services, Student Affairs staff members seek to care for the whole person by supporting students in all areas of their lives—from career education to health and wellness. 

Senior Leadership


Shawna Cooper-Gibson

Shawna Cooper Whitehead, Ed.D.

Vice President for Student Affairs

Melinda Stoops

Melinda Stoops, Ph.D.

Associate Vice President, Student Health and Wellness

Colleen Dallavalle

Colleen Dallavalle, M.A.

Senior Advisor to the Vice President for Student Affairs

Joseph Du Pont

Joe Du Pont, J.D.

Associate Vice President, Career Services

Corey Kelly, Director

Corey Kelly, Ph.D.

Associate Vice President and Dean of Students

Claire Ostrander, Director, Office of Student Involvement

Claire Ostrander, M.A.

Interim Associate Vice President
Student Engagement and Formation

George Arey, AVP

George Arey, M.A.

Associate Vice President
Office of Residential Life and Special Projects

Department and Area Directors

Judy Ferres

Judy Z. Ferres, M.A.

Director of Administrative Services

Lisa Berasi, Senior Associate Director, Marketing and Communications

Lisa Berasi, M.A.

Sr. Assoc. Director, Marketing and Communications

Jonathan Hinrichs, Director of Finance and Business Operations

Jonathan Hinrichs, M.B.A.

Director of Finance and Operations

Sebastian Bonaiuto, Director, BC Bands

Sebastian Bonaiuto, MBA


Rachel Greenberg, Director, Career Education and Strategy

Rachel Greenberg, M.A.

Director, Career Education and Strategy
Career Center

Jeannine Kremer, MSW, LICSW

Center for Student Wellness

Joy Moore, Vice President for Student Affairs

Carole Hughes, Ph.D.

Graduate Student Life

Dorrie Siqueros

Dorrie Siqueiros, M.A.

Director, Residential Education
Office of Residential Life

Yvonne McBarnett

Yvonne McBarnett

Thea Bowman AHANA Intercultural Center

Katie Dalton, Director, Women's Center

Katie Dalton, Ph.D.

Women's Center

Corey Kelly, Director

Caroline Davis, MSW

Associate Dean
Office of the Dean of Students
Student Support

Caitlin Codding

Caitlin Codding, Ed.D.

Director, Housing Operations
Office of Residential Life

Craig Burns, Director, Counseling Services

Craig Burns, Ph.D.

University Counseling Services

Tom Nary, MD


University Health Services and Primary Care Sports Medicine   

Melissa Woosley, Associate Dean, Student Conduct

Melissa Woosely, M.A.

Associate Dean
Office of the Dean of Students
Student Conduct

Roatha Kong, Interim Director, Office of Student Involvement

Roatha Kong, M.Ed.

Office of Student Involvement

Kier Byrnes, Director

Kier Byrnes, DLP, M.B.A.

Robsham Theater Arts Center