Boston College is presenting weekly "fireside chats" about the public health issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic and the responses to it. On March 31, participants discussed the coronavirus spread and what has and can be done to "flatten the curve," and answered virtual attendees' questions. Participants include:

  • Philip Landrigan, M.D., a professor of biology at BC, as well as pediatrician, public health physician, epidemiologist, and director of the University's Global Public Health Program
  • Nadia Abuelezam, also an epidemiologist, as well as an assistant professor at the Connell School of Nursing.
In addition, Ling Zhang, associate professor of history, and David Mozina, assistant professor of theology, provided an update on their project to help provide much-needed medical supplies to hospitals in Boston.
The Zoom-based discussion series is moderated by Erik Owens, associate professor of the practice of theology and director of the International Studies program.