Mail Services continues to serve the University community as we move forward during this challenging time. 

  • Student package centers have been consolidated to one location, McElroy Hall.  Students in residence can retrieve their packages there.  All other packages are being returned to sender, to be rerouted to a student’s home. Faculty and staff packages will be handled through interoffice delivery.

  • Students' first class mail is being forwarded to the student’s home provided they have filed a change of address with BC Mail Services at .

  • All inter-office mail pickup and delivery continues on a once daily basis.  If there is a need for additional pickups, please contact the mail room.

  • In order to protect the health and safety of our mailroom employees and the general community, the sorting of packages received is delayed by one day. 

  • Finally, the USPS station in McElroy Hall will be closing for the semester on Friday, April 3, and not reopening until mid-August.  This closing does not impact BC Mail Services.