The Baptism of St. Patrick: Stained-glass art by Harry Clarke


Vera Kreilkamp, a lecturer in the Boston College Irish Studies program, and Diana Larsen, assistant director of the University's McMullen Museum of Art, spent four years gathering more than 150 rare pieces from around Ireland for the spring 2016 McMullen show, The Arts and Crafts Movement: Making It Irish, which they co-curated.

Kreilkamp describes the hunt and why they undertook it. The exhibition runs through June 5.

Video by @BC. Producer: Ravi Jain; Video: Paul Dagnello, Ravi Jain | Photo: The Baptism of St. Patrick, 1912; stained-glass art by Harry Clarke (1889–1931), on loan to the Making It Irish exhibition by the National College of Art and Design, Dublin.