In the fall of 2004 a group of Boston College faculty and staff announced the formation of the LGFSAA (now LGBT@BC*). The history of the organization is detailed in "Breaking the Silence and Creating Safe Space: The Organizing of the LGFSAA" (pdf). This document represents the prepared remarks of a presentation given by BC Theology Professor John McDargh at the 2005 "Out There" Conference, held October 28, 2005 at Santa Clara University. 

Additionally, please find more history about the LGBTQ+ community at BC more generall in this article: "Walk the Line: A History of the LGBT Community at Boston College" by Connor Murphy (The Heights, November 3, 2016).

(*While language continues to evolve, our intended use of the acronym "LGBT" is to encompasses all gender identities and sexual orientations.)



LGBT@BC exists to bring together LGBTQ+ faculty, administrators, and staff at Boston College. We are committed to serving as a resource to foster relationships and provide support and advocacy within our diverse community. We strive to: (1) provide opportunities for LGBTQ+ employees to interact and build networks with each other and with members of other communities at BC; (2) promote education about topics related to gender identity and sexual orientation in order to help make BC a productive learning and working environment for LGBTQ+ employees and students; and (3) support the University’s commitment to diversity & inclusion by advocating for the well-being of the LGBTQ+ community at the University.