Frequently Asked Questions


Will BCE be cancelled for Summer 2020?

Boston College continues to monitor COVID19 carefully. At this time, no decision has been made on if or how the 2020 Summer Session will be effected.  Please refer to the institution's COVID19 Information page for updates as they become available. 

What is the eligibility for attending the Boston College Experience?

Eligibility is dependent upon the individual program. Please review eligibility requirements for admission.

Is this a commuter or residential program?

BCE is primarily a residential program and students are encouraged to live on campus to get the full experience of the program. There are students each year that choose to commute. These students are welcome to participate in all activities related to the academic experience and some social activities.

Can international students participate?

Yes, we welcome international students! We do not support visas for students in three or two week programs since these courses do not issue college credit but students may attend on a tourist visa. For students enrolled in the six week, for-credit programs, please be aware that there are additional documents that must be submitted as a part of the application for admission. If a student is currently studying in the United States and plans to return to the institution that issued their student visa in the September following the BCE credit program, they do not need to apply for a new visa through Boston College. 

Where can students get an application for BCE?

Applications are completed entirely online. To access the application please visit this link.

What are the admissions criteria?

We want to be sure that students selected for the program have the academic skills and personal maturity to be successful in a college environment. With that in mind our admissions staff evaluates each application individually. Please see the details of specific program requirements.

Does admission to the BCE program guarantee admission to a BC undergraduate degree program?

No, admission to BCE does not guarantee admission to a BC degree program.

Is there financial assistance available?

No, financial assistance is not available for BCE students.

How do students pay?

Once accepted, tuition is due in full within two weeks to confirm a place in the program. Instructions on how to pay are provided as part of the admissions communication. Please note, once paid there are no refunds for cancellations.

Should I still pay my program fee in full within two weeks even though the BCE program may be effected by the COVID19 outbreak?

The program does not begin until June 21 (move-in). The effects of the COVID19 outbreak continues to shift daily. We strongly suggest you pay the program fee to reserve your spot ASAP or no later than the NEW deadline of May 1, 2020. Refunds will be available if the program is cancelled or you are unable to attend due to COVID19. 

If I have already paid my program fee, and my attendance in the program is effected by COVID19, will I get a refund?

Yes, should your participation in the program be affected in anyway by COVID19, you willbe eligible to recieve a full refund. 


Are BCE credits transferable to other colleges?

Students successfully completing the BC Honor or Math Exploration program earn undergraduate credit. However, it is up to the discretion of destination institution to determine whether credit will be accepted and applied.

Is academic advising available?

Student enroll in the credit granting programs as part of the Boston College Experience Students will have access to academic advisors in the Woods College of Advancing Studies, and they can also seek out aid from their resident assistants throughout the program as needed.

What is the average age and grade level of the students participating in BCE?

The average age and grade level can vary year to year, but we accept only rising sophomores, juniors and seniors so the age range is typically between 15-17 years of age.

Where are the students in the BCE program from?

Students in BCE represent over 40 states in the United States and over 15 countries of origin.

Do Boston College faculty teach in the BCE program?

Yes, all faculty who teach in BCE are current full-time or adjunct Boston College faculty.

Do you take students to visit other colleges?

Yes, in past summers students have visited colleges and universities in the New England area on a weekly basis. Such visits have included Harvard University, M.I.T., Brown University, Tufts University, Holy Cross, Boston University, and Northeastern University.

Are there opportunities for service learning?

Yes, we plan several community service related activities for the students. These activities are open to all participants on a space-permitting basis.

What types of college preparation activities will be offered?

We provide students with seminars addressing issues such as: college essay writing, resume building, personal financial management for freshmen, and health and safety on campus. Students will also hear from BC admissions counselors with advice on what schools look for. We will have activities like leadership seminars, and current BC student panels.


(Please visit the Admitted Student Page for more information)

Is there an orientation for students?

Yes, we hold an orientation for students on the Sunday before the program starts. This orientation is REQUIRED by all participation (residential and commuter). We discuss important program and policy rules and expectations, provide a campus tour and introduce participants to their peer advisors and meet their peer groups. Sorry mom and dad, the orientation is for students only.

Where can parents go to find program and policy information and check on their kids!

We have several resources for parents to find information. The About tab provides information for parents and explains our program policies and expectations. You can also visit the Admitted Student page to see the program Calendar of events and of course, you can follow our Facebook and Instagram pages! They can also email us anytime at bce@bc.edu.

Can participants choose their roommates?

No, roommates are assigned by the BCE Program Office and those matched are communicated during the check-in period.

What is the rooming situation like?

Students are house in double rooms in the residence halls. The rooms have extra-long twin beds and adequate storage space for clothes. The rooms are not air conditioned, but all public spaces in the residence halls are, as well as locations across campus. Boston can be warm in the summer; students driving to campus are encouraged to bring fans. We will provide opportunities for students traveling by air to purchase fans once they arrive.

Do boys and girls share the same residence hall?

Yes, all BCE students are housed in the same dorms. However, the floors are separated by male and female students. BCE residential staff serve are also housed in the same residence hall and the BCE program office is located on the first floor of the hall. Only same sex visitors are allowed in the student rooms and the doors must be kept open during these periods.

How available are the BCE Program staff to the students.

The BCE Program Office is open daily Monday through Friday. We have an On-Call staff available after hours and on weekends.

What kinds of social activities will there be?

We plan a great variety of social activities for students. These include such things as: planned activities in the dorms each evening, all day supervised field trips on Saturday and Sunday and visits to the city to see a movie, go to a museum or have pastry in the North End.

How do students sign up for activities?

Upcoming activities are communicated to the BCE population via weekly emails through a weekly program calendar which is accessible online via the BCE website. Signup sheets are posted in the common area of the dorm. With limited exceptions, space is limited so participation in social events is on a first come, come first serve basis. We strongly urge students to take the initiative to sign up early for activities that interest them.

Is there a curfew?

Yes! We consider curfew to be the time by which students must be in the residence hall. Sunday - Thursday the curfew is 10:00pm, Friday - Saturday the curfew is 11:00pm. All students must be in their rooms by 12:00 AM.

Are students free to leave campus?

Students may leave campus but must notify BCE Program On-Call staff of their destination prior to leaving campus and must check back in upon returning to campus. Students may not leave campus alone at ANY time and must be accompanied by at least two other students.

May a parent visit a student during the program?

Parents may visit their student during their program but must notify the BCE Program On-Call staff if they will be taking the student off-campus. Requests may be sent to the BCE email address at bce@bc.edu.

May a student visit relatives or family friends in the Boston area during the program?

Students may visit relatives or family friends but must complete the checkout process with the BCE Program On-Call staff one business day in advance. We strongly encourage students to remain on-campus with their peers for the duration of the program, as the weeks do pass quickly.

May a residential student leave the program overnight?

While we strongly suggest students remain on campus, we understand there are other responsibilities they may have during their time at BCE. Students are responsible for coordinating any missed time/work with their instructors. In addition, BCE Program On-Call staff must be given 24-hour notice by the student’s parent or guardian they will be leaving campus overnight. Requests may be sent to the BCE email address at bce@bc.edu.

Do students who participate receive any form of formal acknowledgement of their participation?

All students receive certificates of completion at the end of their program.

Students participating in the for-credit programs may request a transcript beginning two weeks after the program ends from Boston College office of Student Services at studentservices@bc.edu or 617-552-3300. Please note, the BCE Program Office cannot access or issue official BC transcripts.