Pre-College Summer Programs for High School Students

The Boston College Experience provides motivated high school students the opportunity to live and learn as students at Boston College.  Through adherence to our Jesuit mission, our programs focus on exposing students to a rich and rewarding college experience through coursework, extracurricular activities and reflection. Built into the programs are activities that help to prepare students for their college search and the transition into college life.  Students will participate in service learning activities, cultural and social outings all while enjoying the beautiful city of Boston over the summer.

This program aims to give students the chance to experience life as a college student. As such, while the program is committed to providing students a variety of optional social and culture activities in addtion to robust academic programming, we do not schedule the students' every moment. We expect that participants will be able to manage their own time effectively in the safe environment provided for them as part of the BC Experience.

Students can choose to take advantage of the free time in many ways, such as signing up for guided activiites, volunteering, exploring the campus and the city, socializing with classmates and in personal, quiet reflection. 

Applications for summer 2020 open in December.

BC Experience 2020

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For-credit Programs

Non-credit Programs

“BCE has helped me discover what I want to pursue in my future studies, but at the same time I was able to make life-lasting friendships. It was an amazing experience.”
BCE Participant