February 8, 2017

Panelists:  Juan Carlos Scannone, S.J., Roberto Tomichá, O.F.M. Conv., and Olga Consuelo Vélez

Moderator: Thomas H. Groome

An historic meeting at Boston College brought together more than 40 Latin American, U.S. Latino/a, and Spanish theologians to discuss the current status of Latin American theology in a globalized world, and the challenges its interculturality and inclusion pose to evangelization and geopolitics. This panel discussion highlights some of the insights of this gathering and illuminates how Latin American liberation theology, which Pope Francis received in Argentina through the theology of the people, influences and shapes his teachings and pastoral actions.  The outcomes of this meeting will be presented to Pope Francis by participants who are close papal advisors.

Cosponsored by the School of Theology and Ministry, the Office of the University President, Institute for the Liberal Arts, and the Boston College Department of Theology