March 17, 2009

Presenter: Kathy Hendricks, author, retreat leader and spiritual director; pastoral minister for over 25 years.

The multiple demands on families today can make the pursuit of spiritual practice seem evasive and even futile.  Nevertheless, the home holds great potential for being the rich soil from which a deeply rooted spirituality can bud and blossom.  This workshop explores five spiritual practices that are seeded in the family and practical ways to make them part of everyday routines.  The cultivation of gratitude, art of storytelling, celebration of ritual, extension of forgiveness, and wise use of resources create a domestic spirituality abundant in grace and beauty.  Each one gives rise to a deeper and more profound sense of God's loving presence, even within the midst of the most hectic family life.

Cosponsored by the School of Theology and Ministry and The Church in the 21st Century Center