What is Compass?

The Compass mentoring program is an intentional involvement where first-year AHANA+ students (people of African, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, and mixed descent) can connect with upperclass mentors, develop friendships, and gain a strong sense of community as they navigate their first semester at BC. 

Applications for Compass Mentor and Intern positions will open soon

Beginning your journey at Boston College is both exciting and challenging. Many of you are leaving home for the first time and are thrust into a new environment surrounded by students from across the country and the world. There are new expectations, new routines, new friendships, and so much more.

The Compass Mentoring Program serves our AHANA+ first-year community by providing intentional mentorship from upperclass leaders and fostering engagement throughout the AHANA+ community. Through Compass, AHANA+ first-year students (referred to in the program as Mentees) get a chance to learn from their mentors and their group members, participate in a Compass-wide retreat, weekly small group meetings, and other Compass events.

Mentees will get opportunities to:

  • Talk about their experiences at Boston College
  • Get connected with other AHANA+ resources on campus
  • Engage and build friendships with other diverse peers
  • Have two upperclass mentors
  • Have connection to the wider Compass and AHANA+ community

What is a Compass Mentor?

Compass consists of 20 mentors who help lead our 10 Compass mentoring groups throughout the Fall semester. They help serve as conversation partners and friends to a group of first-year AHANA+ students. Each leader is paired with a co-mentor to allow for collaboration and diversity of perspective and experience to help facilitate conversations for Compass Mentees.  Each co-mentor pair will meet weekly with their Compass group to have conversations around the AHANA+ student experience at BC.

What do I need to become a Compass Mentor?

  • Mentors must be rising juniors or seniors—junior mentors must not be studying abroad in the Fall semester.

  • Mentors must be interested in mentoring first-year students and be willing to share their own transition experiences and AHANA+ identity.

  • You do not need to have participated in Compass as a first-year to become a mentor.

Applications for Compas Mentor will open soon.

What is a Compass Intern?

Compass Interns are a group of 4 sophomore students that assist with programming and planning for Compass wide events and logistics. Interns work directly with Mentors and FYE staff in designing events and helping to improve the Compass experience for current first-year students.

What do I need to become a Compass Intern?

  • Interns must be second semester first-year students at their time of application for the role, which occurs in their sophomore year.

  • Interns must have participated in Compass their freshman year to apply for the position.

  • Interns must have a great attitude—positive, enthusiastic, cooperative, and willing to work very hard.

Applications for Intern positions will open soon.