Boston College President William P. Leahy, S.J., has signed statements from Pomona College and the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities (ACCU) that urge the continuation of assistance to undocumented students through the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Program, created under executive order by President Obama in 2012.

“Boston College is committed to supporting all of its students,” said Fr Leahy.  “The DACA program has benefitted students at Boston College, and they have contributed greatly to the life of our community.”

The Pomona statement reads in part:

“Since the advent of the DACA program in 2012, we have seen the critical benefits of this program for our students, and the highly positive impacts on our institutions and communities. DACA beneficiaries on our campuses have been exemplary student scholars and student leaders, working across campus and in the community. With DACA, our students and alumni have been able to pursue opportunities in business, education, high tech and the non-profit sector; they have gone to medical school, law school, and graduate schools in numerous disciplines. They are actively contributing to their local communities and economies.”

The ACCU statement reads in part:

“Many of us count among our students young men and women who are undocumented, their families having fled violence and instability. These students have met the criteria of the DACA policy, issued in 2012. We express hope that the students in our communities who have qualified for DACA are able to continue their studies without interruption, and that many more students in their situation will be welcome to contribute their talents to our campuses.”
—University Communications