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Students, parents and alumni have shared rave reviews for BC's inaugural career exploration program designed for sophomores pursuing degrees in the liberal arts.

Sponsored by the Boston College Career Center, the two-day Endeavor program connected nearly 200 students with alumni and business leaders both on campus and in 11 locations across Boston and Cambridge, including Boston Children's Hospital, Fenway Park, Cambridge Associates and Citizens Bank.

"Endeavor was a great success in its pilot year," said Joseph Du Pont, associate vice president for student affairs. "We've heard from many students who commented on how the program helped them learn how to explore their career interests, while appreciating the value of their liberal arts education to their professional futures. We've learned a lot and are already noting changes we want to make next year.

"I was also struck by the generosity of spirit by BC alumni," he said. "It speaks volumes that so many were willing to come back to campus during a hectic time of year to help our students. We are extremely grateful for that."


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In their own words: Students talk Endeavor

Sarah Sullivan
Majors: psychology and history
Hometown: Framingham, Mass.
Endeavor Career Trek Site: Education First, an international education company

"BC Endeavor helped me to identify my skills and to learn about the wide range of opportunities for a liberal arts major. I connected with many BC alumni who offered advice on internships and careers. By participating in Endeavor, I feel as if I have an advantage going forward in my time both during and after Boston College."

Morgan Coakley
Majors: political science and English
Hometown: North Andover, Mass.
Endeavor Career Trek Site: Massachusetts State House

"Endeavor gave me the confidence to be proud of my liberal arts education, and introduced me to career paths and possibilities of which I was previously unaware. The returning alumni were not only successful and impressive, but relatable and encouraging to students. Because of Endeavor, I can now see applications for my degree in a variety of fields like government, consulting and healthcare. Endeavor showed me the immeasurable value of both a liberal arts education and the BC network, during my undergraduate years and beyond."

Diamani Clifton
Major: English
Hometown: Baltimore, Md.
Endeavor Career Trek Site: Boston Symphony Orchestra

"After the first day, my eyes opened not only to the program, but to how much my life could be affected by my major and how I can succeed and do what my heart desires. There were so many entrepreneurs and alumni who made it and they were no different than myself. I loved it and would definitely recommend it to a friend who is hungry to determine their destiny and see their own potential. It's honestly a tool needed in order to thrive in a world that makes you feel like you are just a straight shot to the working field. No, Endeavor is not that program. It is one that makes you evaluate what makes you happy and what you are passionate about. Above all else, it shows you what you can actually be good at."

Scenes from Endeavor

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