The Boston College Supported Employment Program was founded in 1987 through a unique collaboration between the Campus School and the Developmental Evaluation Center (now known as the Institute for Community Inclusion) at Boston Children's Hospital. The Program establishes employment opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities where they have the ability to acquire skills, build relationships, contribute positively to the community, and grow professionally. The Program began with just six positions in Dining Services and has grown to nearly twenty-five positions across many departments on campus. 


Supported Employment staff work closely with the employer to train the individual on each job task. The level of support is catered to each individual based on their unique abilities, needs, and learning styles. Once a worker is fully trained, Job Coaches provide ongoing support and feedback to monitor the progress of the individual in order to ensure continued growth and success in their position. The Program has helped numerous individuals with disabilities not only retain their positions, but also thrive and excel at work. For many individuals the job becomes a lasting career, as several employees from the program’s inception still remain hard at work, gainfully employed and exceptionally proud.


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