Strategic Direction IV

Increase the University’s presence and impact in the City of Boston, the United States, and around the globe.

Boston College has evolved in the last 150 years from being a small, local, commuter college to a post-World War II regional university and, in the past four decades, to the status of a national and increasingly international university, a development that fits with its charism, history, and traditions as a Jesuit, Catholic institution.

Boston College commits itself in the coming years to increasing its presence and impact through creative partnerships on the local and national levels, increased outreach to international students, recruitment of faculty with international backgrounds, and the development of programs that promote global cooperation.

Specifically, the University will implement this Strategic Direction by:

  • enhancing the undergraduate curriculum to incorporate greater attention to global issues and concerns and to include international perspectives in courses and programs;
  • providing targeted financial aid to graduates of Jesuit high schools;
  • dedicating resources necessary to achieve institutional goals and competitive success in intercollegiate athletics;
  • making available the expertise of its nationally recognized schools of law, education, social work, nursing, theology and ministry, and management to specific challenges in the Greater Boston area, particularly those with possible application nationally and internationally;
  • maintaining and expanding its commitment to educating leaders for the Church in the United States and in various parts of the world; and
  • developing a more effective structure to promote and coordinate international initiatives.