Ever to Excel

Boston College is well prepared to take the next steps in its growth and development. Financially strong, intellectually vital, secure in its understanding of its mission, and mindful of its particular responsibilities to students, society, and the Catholic Church, it is also animated by the commitment and loyalty of its alumni and supporters, whose gifts totaling $1.6 billion to the Light the World campaign set a record of generosity and support.

Certainly the University faces challenges and decisions which will require imagination, hard work, and the identification of new resources. Boston College’s central challenge, however, can best be expressed in a single question: How will the University change and grow so it can meet the demands of a world that needs its distinctive contributions?

These four Strategic Directions for “Ever to Excel: Advancing Boston College’s Mission” stand in the enduring Jesuit and Boston College tradition of turning in ever imaginative ways to respond to the needs of the day. New plans and ideas raise new challenges, but the University moves to meet them knowing that it has never been stronger: in its committed lay and Jesuit leadership; in its accomplished faculty; in its gifted students; in its engaged alumni; in its public reputation; and, critically, in its confidence that it will continue to live out its time-honored motto, “Ever to Excel.”