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Volume 25, Issue 3


243:"To Be of Not to Be?" Hamlet and Tyrannicide
Nicole Coonradt

263: Westminster Abbey's Quattrocento Altarpieces: Three Ornaments and Their "Worship" in the Twentieth Century
Peter Crack

296: Rewriting Genesis: Biblical Interpretation and the Case of Barnett Newman
Edward Maza

Review Essays

311: Christianity and Climate Change
Robinson Murphy

327: Redeeming Poetry
David Southward


337: Book Reviews

363: Notes on Contributors

365: Exhibitions, Conferences, Announcements

383: In Future Issues

Former Issues


Volume 25, Issue 1-2


1: Introduction: 25
Years of Religion and the Arts

James Najarian

5: The Picture of
Language in Seeing the Nature of God in Kabbalah and Tantra

Paul C. Martin

35: Humility and
Influence: Female Agency and the Confraternity of Saint Rosalia in
Eighteenth-Century Cuenca

Isabel Oleas-Mogollón

70: The American Art
of Memory: Idealism and the Romantic Constitution of Cognitive Interiority

John Michael Corrigan

99: Jewish Humanism in
the Late Work of Geoffrey Hill

Jesse Russell

125: "When You
Stop Pretending That You Know": Gnosis, Humility, and Christian Charity in
Cormac Mccarthy's The Stonemason

D. Marcel DeCoste

147: "We Are Not
Aliens in the Universe": Marilynne Robinson's Imaginative Re-enchantment
of Protestantism

Sára Tóth


Reading Statement

173: Studying the
Bible in the "Post-Truth" Era

Leslie Brisman

Review Essay

187: "And Now
They Range": Early Modern Poems and Their Survival"

Adam H. Kitzes


197: Book Reviews

215: Notes on

219: Exhibitions,
Conferences, Announcements

241: In Future Issues