BC Neighborhood Drawing

Boston College Neighborhood Center

The Boston College Neighborhood Center opened its doors on Washington Street in the heart of Brighton Center in January 1995. The Center was founded as an agency through which Boston College could provide resources to the Allston-Brighton community. In correlation with the mission of Boston College, the Center is committed to the University's Jesuit ideal of service. We seek to offer opportunities that will enhance a student's college experience while simultaneously meeting the needs of the Allston-Brighton community to the greatest extent possible. Additionally, the Center's location, directly in the neighborhood, helps to facilitate the many partnerships that Boston College cultivates with the Allston-Brighton community. In August 2013, the Boston College Neighborhood Center moved—just down the street—to its current location at 480 Washington Street in Brighton.

Maria DiChiappari

Message from the Director, Maria DiChiappari

Time and time again I hear students talk about the value of volunteering in their lives especially during their years at Boston College. Many students tell me that volunteering has been instrumental in building friendships as well as in making their academics 'come alive.' My own experience with volunteering as well as witnessing students, staff, and faculty engage in service convince me that working in community for community has power to build understanding, solidarity, action, bonds, and bridges.

Our hope at the Boston College Neighborhood Center is that the Boston College community, students, staff, and faculty will experience the richness of connecting, not only with peers within our own BC community, but additionally with the neighborhoods in which our university, and thus us, reside.

Collaborations with social service, health, and educational agencies in Allston-Brighton have created a strong partnership between Boston College and Allston-Brighton neighborhood of Boston. Our goal is to continue the vibrant connection between two great communities. We hope you will join us in this endeavor.

I would like to extend a special welcome to the class of 2027. May your transition be smooth and your lives be enriched by the relationships and opportunities you embark upon. We look forward to working with you. Please let us know if we can be of any assistance to you in any way. Best of luck for a wonderful year!