photo of Carlos Agualimpia Arriaga

Carlos Agualimpia-Arriaga was born in 1980 in Bogotá, D.C., Colombia. He is an IEEE member and an electronics engineer. Diploma in project management and telematics and internet business from Escuela Colombiana de Ingeniería. Diploma in data networks and university teaching, master's degree in electronics engineering with a focus on telecommunications, and Ph.D. student in engineering at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. Wireless communications, wireless sensor networks, RF circuit design, the Internet of Things (IoT), and network economics are among his research interests. He is currently in his third year of research on telecommunications regulation and resource allocation systems in wireless communications. In particular, he studied some economic and market techniques for resource management in telecommunications during his first year of study. During his second year of study, he researched how to control the topology of Wireless Sensor Networks while minimizing energy consumption. He is now concentrating his efforts on topology control and localization in wireless sensor networks using machine learning approaches. He has over 19 years of professional experience as a university professor, researcher, and engineer in technological companies, where he has led activities in analog electronics, transmission media, networking, communications systems, ICT project management, and technological development and innovation. In 2017, he was a member of the Ministry of Sciences' national council focused on science, technology, and innovation in ICT, and he has been involved in the national system of science, technology, and innovation as well as the Ministry of ICT's public policies.