Fall 2023 ISSUE

Lou Manzo ’06 and Brendan Downes ’07 photographed at the US Capital Building
Photo looking up at the eagle and Gasson Hall
Photo of Griff Stark-Ennis ’14 and Ceara O’Sullivan ’14 holding a magnifying glass and a mug
Illustration TK
Photo of Marina Umaschi Bers seated on a bench
Photo of Ilona Znakharchuck ’21 holding one of her beautifully decorated cakes
Colorful illustration of Dua Lipa and Brennan Carley ’13
Photo Joe McCartney ’19 doing stand up with mic and stand
Colorful illustration of Allyson Swaby ’18 and Kristie Mewis  ’13
Photo of Heather Terrell ’90
Illustration of two picture frames with a couple in one and a caregiver in another repairing the sun
Photo of Lily Dorton ’27 by Burns Library
Photo of John Acampora at the counter of his Flat Breads shop
Photo from a catwalk of the new Hoag Pavilion practice basketball court
Photo of Molly Levitt
Photo of Tracy Kidder speaking in Conte Forum