Program Pillars


Boston College Companions aims to help Fellows find renewed purpose in their lives through a program that combines academic coursework with spiritual engagement.


Discernment is foundational to Jesuit education. Fellows will grow in discernment as they plan for their next chapter.


Guided by Ignatian spirituality, Fellows will emerge refreshed, renewed, and refocused on life's journey. 


The BC Companions program enables Fellows to enroll in courses in law, business, the humanities, science, education, social work, or theology and ministry, among other disciplines, providing an invigorating academic experience that will be key to a purposeful future.

Academic Courses

Fellows can enroll in courses from all of BC's schools and colleges.


Each Fellow will be paired with a faculty advisor who will help them navigate decisions about course selections and discuss their interests and aspirations.  

Group Discussions

Fellows meet with members of their cohort, faculty, administrators, Jesuits, and students as part of a personalized formative education experience—focusing on lifelong learning.


The progam provides participants with the space and tools needed for self-reflection, helping them consider their next steps and giving them new tools and knowledge to imagine ways to live life differently.

Reflective Spaces

Explore quiet spaces on campus such as the labyrinth, St. Mary's Hall, and BC libraries.

One-on-One Guidance

Meet with a faculty or Jesuit advisor to reflect on your accomplishments and plan for a purposeful future.


Drawing on Boston College's Jesuit, Catholic tradition, Fellows will find meaningful opportunities for spiritual engagement.

Ignatian Spirituality

Ignatian spirituality utilizes discernment to help individuals find or reaffirm their calling.

Spiritual Direction

Jesuits at BC can assist Fellows with spiritual exploration, renewal, and direction.

Practice Your Faith

Masses, retreats, and guided conversations are available to all Fellows.


Fellows build lasting community through coursework, retreats, weekly gatherings, and group discussions.

Cohort Development

Each cohort consists of accomplished individuals with unique ideas and insights to share.

Social Gatherings

Connect with BC faculty, administrators, and students during lectures, theater productions, and sporting events—promoting intergenerational learning.

Pilgrimage to Spain & Italy

BC Companions will travel abroad on an Ignatian pilgrimmage through Spain and italy that traces the life of Jesuit founder, St. Ignatius of Loyola.

The BC Experience

Fellows are encouraged to participate in campus events, including campus liturgies, art exhibits, the Lowell Lecture Series, athletic events, the BC Arts Festival, academic symposia, and much more. They are also welcome to join the Connell Recreation Center and take advantage of its many fitness offerings.

McMullen Museum of Art

Explore McMullen Museum of Art

The McMullen museum is renowned for its interdisciplinary exhibitions from all periods and cultures.

BC Athletics

Explore Campus Athletics

Boston College is home to 31 intercollegiate Division I teams, a variety of club sports, 44 intramural sports programs, and courses in aquatics, spin, yoga, and more.

Lowell Humanities Speaker Series

Visit Lowell Humanities Series

The Lowell Humanities Series brings distinguished writers, artists, performers, and scholars to Boston College.

Campus Gallery