21st Annual Evelyn Underhill Lecture in Christian Spirituality


April 1, 2023

Presenter:  Christine Firer Hinze

In the “Prayer for Generosity” attributed (albeit mistakenly) to St. Ignatius of Loyola there is a request that God teach us “to labor and not seek to rest.”  Such a heroic picture of Christian self-giving can risk masking or demeaning an equally essential dimension of being fully human and Christian: rest. For Jews and Christians, rest—like work–is also a divine command and a fecund gift.  Far from being opposed, work and rest are deeply interdependent, and must be nurtured together, especially in our efforts to address the most pressing justice and ecological issues of our day.

Sponsored by the STM.

Christine Firer Hinze, professor of theological and social ethics, department of theology chair, Fordham University