Scholar In Residence

The Institute for the Study of Race and Culture (ISRC) is pleased to introduce the Scholar-in-Residence program designed to support the development of early career scholars. This virtual residency is designed to provide mentorship and support for an early career scholar who work focuses on psychological aspects of race, racism and racial trauma, disruption and elimination of racism, and anti-racist practice in mental health and education.

Virtual Scholar in Residence Program

We are excited to introduce our Scholar-in-Residence, Dr. Jardin Dogan-Dixon
who has been appointed for the 2023-2024 academic year.


Dr. Jardin Dogan-Dixon

Dr. Jardin Dogan-Dixon

Licensed Psychologist • she/her

Dr. Jardin Dogan-Dixon is a licensed psychologist who currently works in a federal correctional setting. She graduated from the counseling psychology doctoral program at the University of Kentucky in 2022. Her intersectionality-informed research has a three- pronged focus: 1) Black identity, racial trauma, and mental health; 2) Black sexualities, sexual pleasure, and intimate relationships; and 3) drug and incarceration-related health disparities. The objective of her research agenda is to demonstrate how racial trauma can lead to adverse health outcomes, an overreliance on maladaptive coping strategies, and relationship dissolution that hinders powerful and protective community-building among Black populations. To date, Dr. Dogan-Dixon has published thirty-three (33) scholarly manuscripts, and her work has been supported by a predoctoral fellowship with the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA), University of Kentucky Center for Health Equity, and Active Minds. She has a commitment to treating race-related stress and racial trauma via a multifaceted prevention and intervention approach of research, clinical practice, and community work. Thus, her clinical experiences have taken place in college counseling centers, racial trauma clinics, and criminal justice settings. She recently completed her predoctoral internship at the Federal Medical Center in Lexington, KY. Moving beyond academic research paywalls, Dr. Dogan-Dixon facilitates mental health and racial trauma workshops for local communities and anti-racism trainings for national organizations. Her work has been featured in media news outlets including NBCLX, Women’s Health, Vice, Bustle, and PsyCom. Dr. Dogan-Dixon also created her Instagram platform @blkfolxtherapy to increase access to culturally-relevant mental health education and heighten the visibility of Black mental health professionals.

Ultimately, Dr. Dogan-Dixon has goals of reducing mental health barriers and stigmas, improving access to identity-affirming therapy, and providing Black Americans with tools to improve their mental, sexual, and relational well-being to live meaningful and fulfilling lives. In her spare time, Dr. Dogan-Dixon enjoys weightlifting, traveling, and calligraphy.