Psychology & the Other Book Series

The Psychology and the Other Book Series highlights creative work at the intersections between psychology and the vast array of disciplines relevant to the human psyche. The interdisciplinary focus of this book series brings psychology, then, into conversation with continental philosophy, psychoanalysis, religious studies, anthropology, sociology, and social/critical theory. The cross-fertilization of theory and practice encourages the exploration of alternative paradigms and newly articulated vocabularies that speak to human identity, freedom, and suffering. The study and practices of mental health practitioners, psychoanalysts, and scholars in the humanities will be sharpened, enhanced, and illuminated by these vibrant conversations, representing pluralistic methods of inquiry, including those typically identified as psychoanalytic, humanistic, qualitative, phenomenological, or existential.

Essays in Psychological Humanities Book Series

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The Essays in Psychological Humanities Book Series is home to short, timely titles authored by today’s leading thinkers on the most pressing and perennial problems we face. Written for academics, practitioners, and educated readers alike, books in this series attempt to address the fundamental human questions of suffering, meaning, mortality, love, and potential—issues of life and death that concern us at the core. Literary in style, philosophical in nature, offering the depth, wisdom, and psychological insight that every inquiry into the human condition aims to uncover, these works are essential reading for thinking persons today and promise to provoke thought and enliven conversation for years to come.

Affiliated Research and Publications

Along with its other publication outlets, the Center has garnered a reputation for fostering timely and generative research on the most fundamental topics of human existence from a host of scholars and practitioners in the field.

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The goal of the Psychology and the Other Book Series and Essays in Psychological Humanities Book Series is to foster the publication of interdisciplinary works that enrich and challenge clinical and scholarly exploration, focusing on human identity, suffering, and potential. We invite manuscripts that contribute to our understanding of these areas. Reviewing past conference programs can offer insights into the range of topics we typically explore.