Eagle Path is a guided approach to supervision to help undergraduate student workers reflect upon, recognize, develop, and articulate their career aspirations. Through intentional and on-going conversations with supervisors, students can better connect academic and co-curricular experiences with the skills they are gaining in their student employment role. Guided by the eight essential professional competencies expected of new college graduates, Eagle Path helps students translate skills they are learning in work study jobs to the world of work after graduation.  

The Eagle Path program began as an initiative within the Division of Student Affairs and has since expanded to other areas on campus.

To learn more about Eagle Path (and if it might be a fit for your area),

contact eaglepath@bc.edu

How Does it Work?

Eagle Path involves supervisors and students having brief, intentional conversations each semester.

Each semester, supervisors are asked to have two conversations with student employees to discuss goals & reflect on progress towards the competencies most relevant to their work

At the end of each semester, supervisors are asked to provide written/oral feedback related to goals/competencies to their student employees (through a customizable Eagle Path form or one of your own development)



Eagle Path Supervisor Resources

Guiding Questions

  1. What are you learning in this job that is helping you in your academics?

  2. What are you learning in class that you can apply here are work?

  3. Looking at the list of competencies, can you share two examples of skills you are developing in this job that you think you will use in your chosen profession?

  4. Looking at the list of competencies, which do you feel are your areas of strength? Which do you want to further develop? Which do you most enjoy using?

Upcoming Trainings:

Thursday, February 20:
Guiding Students through the Job Search 

Friday, March 13:
Helping Students Make the Most of the Summer Vacation

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Career competencies: the skills employers seek most

Supervisor Quote

"Eagle Path provide[s] me with the opportunity (almost forces me) to meet and chat with my students regularly. I find the students are so eager to chat and share experiences. They understand how important it is to be “Career Ready” and that we’re here to support them however necessary it may be”....