Cross Currents  is a collaboration between Student Affairs and Academic Affairs and consits of one-credit courses that provide undergraduate students with an opportunity to explore a topic being presented in one of their courses with greater depth. Cross Current Seminars not only facilitate an in-depth exploration of a given topic, but assist students in making connections between academic material and their personal experiences, values, and actions.

Course    Instructors    Academic Year 19/20   
Thinking About Race  Karl Bell and Chasneika Astacio  Fall and Spring
Thinking About Successful Teams  Andrew Lutz and Carolyn Donoghue Spring
Thinking About Law and Economics John Kenneth Felter Fall
Thinking About Inequality Burt Howell Fall
Thinking About Mindfulness and Meditation Sarah Castricum and Christine Kamp Cichello Fall
Thinking About Health and Wellness Elise Phillips and Makayla Davis Spring
Thinking About Intercultural Competency Adrienne Nussbaum and Patricia Lowe Spring