The Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations should be the first point of contact for all faculty and staff seeking funding from corporate and private foundation sources. CFR staff can help develop strategies to maximize the chances of securing funding from corporate and foundation prospects.

In addition to coordinating approaches to corporate and foundation sponsors, we can:

  • Initiate and screen potential corporate and/or foundation prospect lists;
  • Provide research on corporate and/or foundation prospects;
  • Draft, review, and edit letters of inquiry;
  • Provide proofing and editing assistance for proposals and concept papers;
  • Prepare budgets in cooperation with your grants administrator;
  • Gather required institutional data and documentation for proposals;
  • Coordinate the proposal submission process;
  • Track grant-reporting requirements; and
  • Coordinate and participate in meetings and teleconferences with current and potential corporate and/or foundation funders. 


For more information, please contact:

Megan Welch
Executive Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations

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