Motivated high school students can test-drive university-level academics from home this summer through a special Boston College Experience online presentation of the annual residential program's most popular topics. Students can choose from four two-week, in-depth courses in the areas of psychology, business leadership, sports management, and creative writing. Courses will begin on June 22 and run consecutively throughout the summer.

Though restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic preclude the University from offering its annual program for high schoolers to get a taste of college life through residential learning and extracurriculars on the BC campus, "these courses provide a real-world window into the college academic experience and a solid grounding in four sought-after areas," said Dee Masiello, assistant dean of Boston College Summer Session.

Through the Introduction to Concepts in Psychology Seminar, students will learn about the history of the field as well as the clinical skills it requires, and its relationship to neuroscience, anthropology, and philosophy. The course also will turn a justice-focused lens on ways in which privilege and power can inform research and practice in the field, and enable students to simulate case diagnoses.

In the Creative Writing Workshop, students will explore their own unique voices as well as the diverse voices of published writers through creative nonfiction, fiction, and poetry; receive feedback on their writing; and ultimately present their work in a virtual reading.

Through case studies and expert speakers in the Business Leadership Institute, students will be introduced to the skills they will study and use in their college and early professional careers, as well as create a group business plan and present a start-up concept to a panel of potential investors.

Participants in the Sports Management Institute will learn about sports as an industry—marketing, merchandizing, promotions, licensing, and governance—and its career options, as well as the cultural, economic, and social impact of sports in America and internationally.   

All BC Experience students will be able to strengthen their critical thinking and skill sets, enhance their portfolio of credentials, and gain insights into potential career areas.

The courses will be offered primarily asynchronously, allowing students to log in course activities and guest speakers at a time convenient for them.

"We understand that finding a schedule that works is challenging across time zones," said Masiello. "We do expect students to log in daily, however, and there will be a live, faculty-led session each week that we encourage all students to attend."

For course details, start dates, and enrollment information, visit the Boston College Experience website.

Patricia Delaney | University Communications | June 2020