The Style and Publication Guide for Elements was compiled by R. Brian Tracz '12 in 2011 in order to clarify and standardize style throughout the issues of the journal we publish. From the author, Brian, himself:

This pamphlet is meant to help the editors of Elements produce a high-quality journal while at the same time preserving some continuity from issue to issue. Various stylistic issues are clarified here, and certain formatting issues have finally been resolved. Wherever a problem remains, turn to a good style guide like that of MLA or Turabian. The implementation of the conventions below will, in all luck, make the journal appear even more professional. That said, please violate any of the guidelines here sooner than doing anything outrageous or seemingly awkward to an article. (Tracz, R. Brian, Style and Publication Guide for Elements, Page 2)

Editors and other interested parties can find here the style guide, in PDF format.