Robert D. Hauer

Robert D. Hauer
Class Year 1968
Rank CPT
Service USAF
Conflict Vietnam
Born 11/29/1946
Hometown Brookline, MA
Died 09/05/1970
Location of Death Khanh Hoa, South Vietnam

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From the 'Wall of Faces" website

Bobby was a great guy - truly unique.  I remenber the all nighters we (Bob, Jack Crowley and I) pulled cramming for tests at his Brookine apartment.
I recall he had a much younger brother for whom he had good deal of affection.

Rich DiPietro


Bob was originally listed as MIA on 05 Sept 70, but in reality he was KIA that day - a little over two years after graduation. Bob was piloting a forward observer aircraft when he was shot down and his plane was seen plummeting into triple canopy jungle, no parchute observed or beeper detected. Rich (Cheech) DiPietro  -  a veteran pilot himself  - is 100% correct  -  Bobby was a great guy and we had a lot of enjoyable days at BC talking about our futures after military service.  I still miss him and was very proud that he chose to become a flyer for his country.

Jack Crowley