Although the Film Studies major was started only two years ago, already BC has set itself apart from the other schools in the area by its commitment to maintain itself on the cutting edge of technology.

However, its not just the equipment that makes our program better, it's the people. Boston College's commitment to hiring people that can teach what they do, has been key to graduating students from its ranks that know what they're talking about as well as know what they're doing.

The following is a constantly updating list of BC equipment and personnel:


  Fine Arts Department

    3 Avid Non-Linear Digital Editing Stations

  • 2 Media Composers
  • 1 Avid Express

    4 Digital Video Cameras (3CCD Mini-DV)

  • 3 Canon GL-1
  • 1 Sony DCR VX2000

    5 Macintosh G4 Editing Stations

  • Final Cut Pro (Latest Edition)
  • DV Firewire compatible

  Other Departments

    Interactive Multimedia Lab

  • 8 Sony Digital Hi-8 Cameras
  • 26 Macintosh Multimedia Workstations
  • 2 Final Cut Pro/Adobe Premiere Workstations
  • 2 Sony Mini DV decks

   BC Library System

  • Bapst Library
  • O'Neill Library
  • O'Neill Computer Lab

   Communication Department

  • Full Television Studio and Sound Stage
  • 1 Avid Media Composer
  • Full Array of Camera and Lighting Equipment

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