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Welcome to the Boston College Restorative Practices Initiative.  This is a campus-wide collaborative effort to incorporate restorative philosophies and practices into the Boston College community.  Restorative practices promote the creation of spaces of trust and respect with members of the campus community coming together for difficult conversations, deep listening and restorative dialogue around community and conflict. In building a stronger community where relationships are formed and maintained, we also use the principles and practices of Restorative Justice to address the repercussions and obligations created by harm. When harm or conflict arises, Restorative Justice engages participants in transformational processes that address the needs of all who are affected. These processes emphasize accountability, humanity, and community.  Overall, this initiative was created to connect current restorative practices at Boston College, provide new opportunities for training and learning, build community connections, improve the campus climate, and promote self-advocacy and conflict resolution skills.

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Restorative Practice Facilitators

2023 Restorative Justice Facilitators

Group photo of 2023 Restorative Justice Facilitators