The Middle Eastern Employees and Allies (MEEA) affinity group promotes the welfare and interests of Boston College’s Middle Eastern employees by advocating for and supporting the professional development of the BC Middle Eastern community. Furthermore, we strive to educate the larger BC community about Middle Eastern culture and current events. MEEA is dedicated to celebrating the diversity of BC’s campus, inspiring unity in the Middle Eastern community, and inviting non Middle Eastern employees to share in the life of our community.


  • Provide a support system on campus for faculty and staff that identify as Middle Eastern.
  • Establish a space for allies who are interested in learning more about the Middle East and Middle Eastern culture.
  • Help with Middle-Eastern employee retention, upward mobility, and tools to navigate campus culture.
  • Provide an avenue for members to discuss current events affecting the Middle East, while educating the campus community on Middle Eastern history, culture, and topics of interest.
  • Represent a traditionally underrepresented Middle Eastern community on campus.
  • Create a more inclusive and supportive environment at BC.
Stained Glass

MEEA Chair