Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Should I Give?

A: There are a ton of reasons to give. Here are two big ones:

  1. To join my classmates in honoring what we love about BC. Now is our chance to pay tribute to that professor, that class, that student activity that changed our lives forever.
  2. To lead the way for future Eagles. We can help ensure that their experiences at the Heights will be just as great as ours.

Q: Why do our gifts matter when BC has a large endowment already?

A: Many of us don't realize that tuition doesn't cover all of the BC experience. Tuition only covers 60% of the experience. The additional 40% comes from a variety of resources. One primary resource being the philanthropic efforts of fellow Eagles. If you look at the big picture, you'd find that a lot of the stuff that makes BC great—the stellar academics, the student resources, the top-ranked athletics, and the service programs—is only possible through the support of our alumni donors.

Q: Is there a minimum dollar amount I must donate?

A: A gift of any size makes an incredible impact. Last year, gifts of $100 or less totaled more than $2 million—that’s the equivalent of 80 BC Fund scholarships for students in need. It is all about the collective impact.

Q: What can I give to?

A: You can support what you love. By giving to what matters most you on the Heights, our gift can be as unique as you are. Perhaps you relied on financial aid to attend BC and want to pay it forward by supporting student scholarships. Maybe the PULSE program inspired your worldview. Or a student organization introduced you to your closest friends. You can support the programs and initiatives that are most personally meaningful—the choice is yours.

Q: What happens to my donation when I designate my Senior Class Gift to a specific student organization?

A: All gifts to specific student organizations will be deposited into the respective organization’s gift account. The gift account can then be accessed by the organization’s treasurer or president to supplement their existing operating budget. For example, the Bostonians were able to use their gift account funds to help off-set their travel costs to Ireland for this fall’s football game versus Georgia Tech.