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We’re not just leaving the Heights; we’re leaving a legacy!

As seniors, together we can unite to leave our legacy at the Heights. Let’s celebrate our time at Boston College by paying it forward for the generations of Eagles who will follow in our footsteps.

Honor your friends, memories, and achievements at BC by giving to what you love on campus. Join us to secure our legacy at the Heights for years to come.

Why should I give?

There are a ton of reasons to give. Here are two big ones:

To join my classmates in honoring what we love about BC. Now is our chance to pay tribute to that professor, that class, that student activity that changed our lives forever.

To lead the way for future Eagles. We can help ensure that their experiences at the Heights will be just as great as ours.


Hear From Our Committee Members

"I supported the Student Financial Aid Fund, so future Eagles can get to enjoy the school that l love! As a recipient of financial aid, I know that giving means that students from all socio-economic backgrounds can receive a top-notch education, and not be limited because of their circumstances. As a senior, I was happy to pay it forward--and I hope you choose to do so too!"

-Czar Sepe ‘ 21

"As a first generation college student I chose to support Montserrat. I wanted my gift to demonstrate gratitude for the education I received, friendships and memories made in my four years and to contribute to the continuation of the same programs and resources for future classes."

-Xiao Yan Liu ‘21

"I donated to the Flynn Fund because ever since I was a kid I grew up going to the Boston College football games. Tailgates started as a family tradition and then I continued that school spirit when I was a student, and I look forward to continuing as an alumni by going back to sporting events. I admire the hard work of student athletes and think it’s important to give back to the Flynn Fund so teams, players and coaches get the resources they need to succeed as Eagles!"

-Cameron Stonehouse ‘21


Why do our gifts matter at a big school like BC?

Many of us don't realize that tuition doesn't cover all of the BC experience. If you look at the big picture, you'd find that a lot of the stuff that makes BC great—the stellar academics, the student resources, the top-ranked athletics, and the service programs—is only possible through the support of our alumni donors.
Now is our first chance to join them for BC.

What can I give to?

You can support what you love. By giving to what matters most you on the Heights, your gift can be as unique as you are. Perhaps you relied on financial aid to attend BC and want to pay it forward by supporting student scholarships. Maybe the PULSE program inspired your worldview. Or a student organization introduced you to your closest friends.


Many Students Choose to Support

General Scholarship Fund

The Class of 2023 Legacy Fund

Athletics through the Flynn Fund


A student organization close to their heart!

You can support the programs and initiatives that are most personally meaningful—the choice is yours.


Not sure where to give?

Email us at to tell us what you’re passionate about and we’ll help you find the right fund to support!



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Have a great idea on how to engage the Class of 2023? Want to suggest an event? Eager to share why you gave? Email us at