Undergraduate Fellows

Maura Drummey (Class of 2024), is majoring in Political Science with a Communications concentration. She is interested in attending law school after graduation.

Luisa Esquivel (Class of 2024) is from Summit, NJ. She is studying Political Science, and hopes to declare a Psychology double major. She hopes to attend law school after graduation. Luisa is also interested in Islamic studies and public policy.

Jack Foulsham (Class of 2023) is from Sydney, Australia, and is studying Political Science and Finance. Jack is interested in the comparative politics of the Middle East.

Caitlyn Hancock (Class of 2024) is a double major in Political Science and Computer Science from Long Beach, California. She’s involved with the Parliamentary Debate Union, Philosophical Society, and Real Food clubs at Boston College and is interested in criminal and environmental justice.

Hailing from Mineola, New York, Meghan Heckelman (Class of 2025) is a sophomore studying Political Science. At Boston College, Meghan is heavily involved in UGBC and the Jenks Leadership Program. She is interested in the study of modern liberal democracy and plans to pursue a career in business or law after graduation.

Matthew Malec (Class of 2023) is a senior from Newton, Massachusetts, studying political science. He has interned at the American Enterprise Institute and the National Review Institute and hopes to pursue a career in public policy.

Antonio Mata (Class of 2023) is from Weston, Florida. He is an International Studies and Political Science double major, and also a Management & Leadership minor. He intends on pursuing a career in law, and is currently an undergraduate research assistant at the Boston College Center for Human Rights and International Justice. He is interested in leadership development, immigration law (specifically regarding undocumented people), human rights, and criminal justice.

Margot Matheson (Class of 2024) is from Arlington, VA. She major is in Political Science and minor is in Finance. After graduating, she hopes to pursue a career in public policy or international relations.

Emily Misiewicz (Class of 2024) is a Political Science and Economics double major interested in entering the field of corporate law.

Sam Puccio (Class of 2023) is a political science major with a finance minor from Long Island, New York. Sam is in the process of applying to law school this fall with an interest in business law.

Tommy Roche (Class of 2025) is from Pelham, New York, and is studying Political Science with a Finance minor. Tommy is interested in international relations and urban development, and is also an editor for The Heights, Boston College's independent student newspaper.

Christopher Roder (Class of 2024) is studying Political Science. He is interested in the intersections of law and business and completed Boston College's Catalyst program in the summer of 2021. He hopes to attend law school after graduation.

Michael Stivala (Class of 2025) is from Pennington, New Jersey. He is majoring in International Studies and minoring in marketing. 

Ellie Sullivan (Class of 2024) is from New York City. She is pursuing a major in Political Science with a minor in Management and Leadership with particular interest in the history of American politics and the Constitution.

Emily Ternynck (class of 2025) is from San Francisco, CA. She is majoring in Political Science with a minor in Hispanic Studies. On campus, she is involved with Climate Justice Boston College and hope to pursue a career in environmental policy.

Agustin Tornabene (class of 2023) is double majoring in International Relations and Islamic Civilization & Societies. He is currently enrolled in ROTC and plans to commission into the US Army after graduation and serving therein on active duty.

Thomas Wilkins (class of 2024) is from Providence, Rhode Island and is double majoring in Political Science and Philosophy. He is interested in the political philosophy of Machiavelli and Aristotle and American Constitutional interpretation. He hopes to do an MA in Political Philosophy.

Lauren Wittenmyer (class of 2023) is a senior from Glenview, IL studying political science and English and is the managing editor of The Heights. 

Charlie Wolther (class of 2024) is from New York City and intends to major in Economics and Political Science. He is interested in American and English history and hopes to work in public policy after graduation. 

Lila Zarrella (Class of 2023) is a History and Political Science double major. On campus, she is a Bystander Intervention trainer, an Ascend group lead, Oracle Journal editor, and is on the Political Violence research team. In her free time, Lila enjoys exploring historic locations around Boston and attending BC football games.