The Program on Global Ethics and Social Trust is an international project based at Boston College that brings faculty together across disciplinary and institutional boundaries to address the ethical dimensions of urgent global issues and the implications for our academic, political, and religious communities.

Key elements

  • Collaboration among predominantly Catholic research universities on five continents
  • Interdisciplinary faculty working groups
  • International conferences in summer 2024 and 2025

Working Groups

In the Program's initial phase, two working groups of scholars from research universities on five continents will investigate the role of ethics and social trust on two contemporary issues: how education serves at a time of threat to democracy and the problematic of climate refugees.

Climate Change and Migration

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Democracy, Governance and Education

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Trinity Long Room Hub Panel

Launch Reception for GEST

Trinity College Dublin Events

In December 2023, Boston College and Trinity College Dublin celebrated their recently established partnership with four days of events in Dublin.

On December 11, the Long Room Hub at Trinity College Dublin hosted GEST faculty participants Linda Hogan, James Keenan, SJ, and Jonathan Laurence on a panel entitled "Addressing 'Democracy, Governance and Education' today." 

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The celebration at Trinity continued throughout the week. On Thursday, December 14,  Katharine Young (chair of the Working Group on Climate Change and Migration) moderated a book panel, "A Transatlantic Dialogue on Constitutional Law and Democracy: Constitutions as Veneration or Collaboration?"


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