photo of Francesca Calia

I am a doctoral student from Turin, Italy. I am interested in languages, cultures, worlds to discover, the peaceful coexistence, the mutual exchange of knowledge and personalities. This is what has always given me determination and still moves me around the world. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Science of Linguistic Mediation (2018) and a Master’s degree Foreign Languages for International Communication (2021) at the University of Turin, I decided to devote myself to research to create bridges in the didactic field to favor the integration of migrant children in host societies. For this reason I have undertaken the PhD course in Linguistic and Literary Sciences of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan. Loving studying and reading, Bookworm is my middle name: I would spend hours leafing through the printed pages. I am determined, curious, and sometimes unwary, but always looking for news and adventures. I am deeply in love with my family and pets.