Restorative Justice

Univ. San Diego's Restorative Justice Network of Catholic Campuses

Jerry Goodstein and Kenneth D. Butterfield, Restorative Justice, in Oxford Handbook of Justice in the Workplace

Katherine Cummings Mansfield et als., Implementing Restorative Justice as a Step Toward Racial Equity in School Discipline

Fania Davis, Little Book of Race and Restorative Justice


Anjale D. Welton et al., Anti-Racist Change: A Conceptual Framework for Educational Institutions to Take Systemic Action Framework

ABA's 21-Day Racial Equity Habit-Building Challenge

On Being Podcast: Conversation with Resmaa Menekem and Robin DiAngelo

The White Ally Toolkit

Environmental Racism

USA Today's Deadly Discrimination: Six-Part Series

Fostering Diversity

Yoon Pak et al., Where Do We Go from Here: Reflections on Building Institutional Diversity for Lasting Change

Mary-Frances Winters, Equity & Inclusion: The Roots of Organizational Well-Being

Michelle Powers, Talking about Race: How to Have Tough Conversations that Unify

Racial Justice Case Stories

Wayne A. Weigand, Separate and Unequal: Carrie C. Robinson's Story of Challenging Racism

Wendy L. Werner, Time to Act: Putting Awareness into Action (the story of St. Louis's ArchCity Defenders)

John Lewis, Walking with the Wind: A Memoir of the Movement

John Lewis, March (Senator Lewis's award-winning graphic novel which tells his childhood and his involvement in the Civil Rights Movement)

Readings on Race and the Legal Profession

Association of American Law Schools: Law Deans Antiracist Clearinghouse

Scholarly Articles, Essays, and Book Chapters


Blog Postings

Bar Associations

Corporate Practice


Discrimination or Equity and Inclusion


Legal Education and CLEs


Role of the Lawyer


Research Guides, Research Portals and Mapping Tools

BC Law Career Service Office's Racial Justice Resources

Stanford Clearinghouse on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Research

ABA's Racial Equity in the Justice System

Dickinson Law Library's Race & Diversity in America Libguide

Drake Law Library's Racial Justice in the U.S. Libguide

University of Minnesota Law Library's Law Enforcement and Racial Justice

Howard University Law Library Social Justice Guide

Washington & Lee University's Race, Racism and Anti-Racism Resources

Vendor Resources for COVID-19 and Racial Justice (includes Westlaw's Civil Rights Materials and Lexis's Racial Equality Resources)

Racial Disparity in Police Arrests: A Policy Mapping Tool

Teaching Resources

Broward College Library's Teaching Black Lives Matter Libguide