A Day in the Life of BC Dining

A behind-the-scenes look at BC Dining Services in action on an early December day.

BC Bakery

4:56 A.M. McElroy Commons: Clint Durant (front) and other BC Bakery staffers have been at it since 3 a.m. to create treats for campus.
Photo: Duncan Wilder Johnson

Laundry at Lyons Hall

7:15 A.M. Lyons Hall: Laundry Lead Armando Rivas loads a dryer. His team washes all BC Dining laundry from around campus.
Photo: Caitlin Cunningham

BC Dining Dishwashing

8:47 A.M. Corcoran Commons: Charles Gonsalves cleans tongs at one of several BC Dining dishwashing locations.
Photo: Caitlin Cunningham

Omelets at Lower Live

9:39 A.M. Lower Live: Monica “Momo” Johnson makes several omelets to order at once.
Photo: Caitlin Cunningham

Hillside Cafe

10:05 A.M. Hillside Café: Lexi Rich steams milk for espresso drinks before the midmorning rush.
Photo: Caitlin Cunningham

Greens salad station

11:11 A.M. Eagle's Nest: Javonna Plummer (left) and Bea Sina toss and dress salads at the popular Greens station.
Photo: Caitlin Cunningham

Arancini pop-up

12:49 P.M. Walsh Patio: Heights Catering teamed up with Il Circolo Italiano (BC’s Italian student club) to host an arancini pop-up event.
Photo: Caitlin Cunningham

Chocolate Bar

3:12 P.M. Stokes Hall: Staffers serve coffee and sweets (chocolate-covered Oreos!) at the aptly named Chocolate Bar.
Photo: Lee Pellegrini

FRESH intitiative

6:08 P.M. Lower Live: Student sustainability interns Kyle Powers and Annie Liu pass out vegan pasta, a healthy dish made with local ingredients.
Photo: Lee Pellegrini

Conte Forum

7:42 P.M. Conte Forum: Fans wait for snacks at a BC hockey game. BC Dining also runs the concessions at football and basketball games.
Photo: Lee Pellegrini

Stuart Hall Dining

10:04 P.M. Stuart Hall: Students grab a late-night bite at Newton Campus's dining hall.
Photo: Lee Pellegrini

Lyons Hall late-night

11:58 P.M. Lyons Hall: Lovely Shima restocks condiments and cutlery as late night winds down at BC's last-to-close dining location.
Photo: Lee Pellegrini

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